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-"paul sert a rien ds t6" [Genius]

Description & Notation d'après TZ a écrit : Paul Phoenix

Punishment: 3.5/5
-10: 1,2 (19 dmg, +8)
-12: d1+2 (30 dmg, knd)
-14: b+3 (launch [close])
-15: df+2 (launch)_uf+4 (launch)_uf+3,4 (launch)_qcf2 (46 dmg_32 dmg, knd)
-16: ff2:1 (38 dmg, knd [far])

-11: ws4 (18 dmg, +6)
-15: ws2 (launch)_All from above except deathfist.
-16: FC df2,1 (37 dmg, knd)
-23: uf n 4 (launch)

Pretty good 12f standing punisher and awesome that he has a 14f standing launcher. Other than that his jabs are avg and his -11f ws move is avg, overall a bit better than average.

Offense: 4/5
d4:2:1+2 aka Demolition Man is one of the fastest sweeps in the game running at 15f, sadly the dmg due to the new scaling is not too much only being at 34 dmg. The range one needs to be at for it to trip is about as close as Steve's db3 range, if the sweep doesn't trip Paul is left at -17 (-33 if the sweep itself was blocked in the first place) and it has less pushback than DR, though ss-ing the last hit is no longer possible one can still ssl then get hit with d4 and the rest of the string will whiff, leaving you with a free wakeup kick and only taking 10 dmg in the process. For his arsenal of mids Paul has a new qcb1 which guarantees another free qcb1 on hit, if opponent moves (other than sideroll) it gives a B! status into a combo. At the wall he can use qcb2 for a safe quick mid that wall splats, same goes for just b2 as well though it has been slowed down quite a bit from 16f to 22f. Also for the bigger reward, but punishable on block mids he has uf34_ff34_uf4 which would all equal a launch. Stupid d1,2 and d1,4,2 is no wa true mixup, since they both come out at the same speed, unlike in DR where the low came out much slower than the mid, but the risk reward is sooo shitty on this mixup it's too risky for hardly any damage. Deathfist as a mid mixup may just be an unnecessary risk when he has these other mids to mix it up with, but to "each his/her own."

We've covered the mixup options, but Paul also has some pretty good pokes as well. With df1, d1, ws4, etc for good mid pokes. With b4, well placed ss3, generic d4s for decent low pokes. Couple buffs are with qcb321, it's a practically a safe low. qcb3 on it's own is death on block, but if opponents try to even ws4 interrupt between the qcb3,2 part, the 2 will score a CH and the last 1 is free. Not just that, but qcb321 is l,m,h, on WHIFF the last hit is duck-able, but on BLOCK qcb(3)21 jails so the high can't be ducked and it's safe either way. So not a bad low to use when you're in range for it. Also ss3 on CH now gives a free d1+2, which is pretty nice.

For tracking he has b2 which is his homing move. b3 tracks all the way to his left, though it is -10 on block, but the payoff is that he gets a full juggle now not just a demolition man afterwards. While df2 tracks well to his right. Also he has other options as well for tracking, so he's not lacking in this department either.

Also Paul has some decent throws with b1+4 giving a wall splat behind him, ff1+2 giving a small juggle such as d142 afterwards, or even df1+3:qcf2 that gives a wall splat as well off a throw, and 2+4~f which is a 2 break throw for slightly better than average dmg.

Whiff Punishment: 5/5
d1+2 for a very quick close to mid range whiff punisher. Good ol' deathfist for longer ranged ones. With even ff34 now giving a full juggle into B! this is a great option for whiff punishing. ff2:1 can still be one of the tools for whiff punishing, but imo there are better options, since ff2: (1) happens way too often when trying to whiff punish something from a distance.

Keep Out/Panic: 2/4
He has as CH 4 but not that great of a followup combo afterwards. A better than generic df2. You're ever so lucky hopkicks. Random d1+2s that will get him killed, and a f1+4 that slightly evades stuff but also gets him killed. He could use b2 for a very slow keep out move, more risk to him. d1~d is still good, but unlike DR if he whiffs d1~d into FC ewgfs will hit him during the transition from standing to FC. qcb1 for a slightly backwards evasive move that will give a full juggle on CH which isn't bad. Overall pretty average, he has all the tools in pretty much the most basic form.

Wake Ups: 2/3
Deathfist on airborne opponents now sends them rolling instead of floating back after getting hit, thus giving free run up qcb1 and if opponent's move it'll B! them or if close enough and B! wasn't already used it will B!. Only downside to that is it wont work off a straight axis B!, will only work in pretty much one situation with that being CH b2, f1+2_qcb1, B!, DF, dash qcb1. d1 spike no longer gives anything free, well even in DR he only got fc3 for free anyways and that was only at the wall. His d1 spike is like Hei's now, where the opponent recovers faster. So no good pickup options after B!, he does have some decent tools to hit grounded with. With a handful of good lows that will hit grounded, and a qcb1 now that will do the job for a good mid hitting ground move.

Damage: 4/5

- df2, qcf1, df11, f1+2, B!, demo man (66 dmg)
- df2, 2,2,2,f1+2, B!, demo man (63 dmg)
- df2, 2, df1~b, qcb1, B!, demo man (61 dmg)
- ws2, 2, df1~b, qcb1, B!, demo man (68 dmg)
- b3, 32, f1, f1+2, B!, demo man (64 dmg)
- ff4, fc1~f, f1, ff1, f1+2, B!, demo man (56 dmg)
- CH 4, ff2:1 (37 dmg)
- CH b2, qcb1, B!, demo man (64 dmg)
- CH b2, qcb1, B!, Deathfist, dash qcb1 (66~ dmg)
- uf34, f1, f1+2, B!, demo man (62 dmg)

- df2, 2,2,2, f1+2, B!, 32, W!, df11, d1+2 (82 dmg)
- demo man, W!, f1+2, B!, df11, d1+2 (66 dmg)
- b2, W!, qcb1, B!, df11, d1+2 (70 dmg)
- CL DF, W!, qcb1, B!, df11, d1+2 (92 dmg)

With walls he can do beastly dmg. Even without them he does solid dmg, just nothing hitting over 70s in the open.

Overall Rating: 20.5/27

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