Ultimate Tournament Vol. X DVD Imprimer
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DVD Details

DVD cover by Hajin'

  • 2-Disc DVD Set
  • All fights are subtitled
  • Direct feed video
  • More than 6 hours of fights and extra footage
  • NTSC compatible DVD
  • T5 Dark Resurrection US version

  • DVD Intro

    Disc 1

    1/16 Finals
  • Rek [FR] Vs Hole Man [KR]
  • Kyoko-Manjii [NL] Vs G_Snake [ES]
  • StarScream [UK] Vs Quiksilverman [FR]
  • JinTheBest [BE] Vs Amature [NL]
  • GEN1US [FR] Vs Z.gladiator [FR]
  • Devil Kazuya [IT] Vs ranix [FR]
  • Dodompa [PT] Vs Malekith [NL]
  • Link [FR] Vs Bode [IT]
  • SabreDabre [DE] Vs TheDinosaur [UK]
  • Manou [FR] Vs Harry Potter [IT]
  • Doczenith [FR] Vs Masamune [UK]
  • Hamid [NL] Vs NeoNinja [BE]
  • lix_tetrax [FR] Vs RickyTTT [ES]
  • Nin [KR] Vs Sephiroth Lune [FR]
  • Timer [FR] Vs Kangoo Jr [FR]
  • 1/8 Finals
  • Harry Potter [IT] Vs Malekith [NL]
  • GEN1US [FR] Vs G_Snake [ES]
  • Timer [FR] Vs Doczenith [FR]
  • TheDinosaur [UK] Vs lix_tetrax [FR]
  • StarScream [UK] Vs Bode [IT]
  • Hole Man [KR] Vs NeoNinja [BE]
  • sokar [FR] Vs Nin [KR]
  • JinTheBest [BE] Vs Devil Kazuya [IT]
  • 1/4 Finals
  • TheDinosaur [UK] Vs Hole Man [KR]
  • Harry Potter [IT] Vs GEN1US [FR]
  • StarScream [UK] Vs Nin [KR]
  • Devil Kazuya [IT] Vs Doczenith [FR]
  • 1/2 Finals
  • GEN1US [FR] Vs Hole Man [KR]
  • Nin [KR] Vs Devil Kazuya [IT]

  • Disc 2

  • Hole Man [KR] Vs Nin [KR]
  • Grand Finals Set #1
  • Nin [KR] Vs Hole Man [KR]
  • Grand Finals Set #2
  • Nin [KR] Vs Hole Man [KR]
  • Loser to 25th/32th place
  • Juanan [ES] Vs Kyoko-Manjii [NL]
  • Loser to 17th/24th place
  • Prodigal Son [UK] Vs Bode [IT]
  • Timer [FR] Vs Kyoko-Manjii [NL]
  • Loser to 13th/16th place
  • lix_tetrax [FR] Vs NeoNinja [BE]
  • Malekith [NL] Vs G_Snake [ES]
  • Loser to 9th/12th place
  • StarScream [UK] Vs lix_tetrax [FR]
  • Harry Potter [IT] Vs Dodompa [PT]
  • Prodigal Son [UK] Vs TheDinosaur [UK]
  • Doczenith [FR] Vs Malekith [NL]
  • Loser to 7th/8th place
  • Harry Potter [IT] Vs TheDinosaur [UK]
  • StarScream [UK] Vs Doczenith [FR]
  • Loser to 5th/6th place
  • GEN1US [FR] Vs StarScream [UK]
  • TheDinosaur [UK] Vs Devil Kazuya [IT]
  • Loser to 4th place
  • GEN1US [FR] Vs Devil Kazuya [IT]
  • Loser to 3rd place
  • GEN1US [FR] Vs Hole Man [KR]
  • Live cams
  • Pictures
  • Brackets