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Date: Saturday the 26th of April 2014.
Venue opens at 1 PM for warmup.
Tournament (groups) start at 2 PM.
If you arrive after 3 PM you may be disqualified.
Players: 16 groups with 6 players.

PS3 version.
2 Vs 2.
iiyama E2210HDS-1 monitors.
3 rounds. 100% life settings.
Characters : all characters allowed including DLCs, except Combot and Mokujin.
Loser may change characters.
Arcade Mode, random stage.
Motion Blur set to ON (you may want to check the settings before playing your match).
However, if both players agree, Motion Blur can be set to OFF.
You may toss to choose side (1P, 2P), unless both players agree.
If you press Pause during a round, you will lose the round, unless both players agree.

Groups is first to 2 games.
Brackets is first to 3 games including Winners Finals and Losers Finals.
Only Grand Finals is first to 4 games.

At the entrance you will find the groups list, this should look like the picture above.
On each table dedicated to a group, there will be the match list for the whole group, looks like the picture above.
8 groups with 8 players. Groups is first to 2 games.
If 3 players all have the same number of wins, you then check between those 3 who is first (A beat B and A beat C, B beat C, so A is selected). If all the players have one win (A beat B, B beat C and C beat A), then you check the goal average:
A Vs B 2-0
B Vs C 2-0
C Vs A 2-1
--> A is selected
A Vs B 2-1
B Vs C 2-1
C Vs A 2-0
--> B and C are selected. If you need to choose 1 player between B and C, then it's B since B beat C !
If no goal average is possible, then there is a rematch between the 3 players (one game only), until we can apply the rules mentionned above.

In each group, one (french) player is responsible for counting the wins/losses and printing the results unless he is playing (in which case you may inform him later and he'll write down the score then). All the players should refer to him in order to check the whole results and rankings.
He will then give the results to a UT Staff member, in order to print the brackets.

UTXV Winners & Losers Brackets
First 4 (if you place between 1 and 4) from each group go to UTXV Brackets (32 players, double elimination: Winners Bracket, Losers Bracket).

Brackets is first to 3 games including Winners Finals and Losers Finals.
Only Grand Finals is first to 4 games.

Projector will be running from top 8 only (1/4 Finals, Winners Bracket).


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